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Scalia Anchovy Filets in Extra Virgin Olive Oil 700g (25oz)


Boasting rich complex flavors and a flawless texture our Scalia anchovies are among the finest. Salt cured for at least 12 weeks before packing the development of flavor in these unctuous fish easily sets them apart. Instead of using sunflower or soybean oil, our anchovies are packed in high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Every element of these canned fish, from ingredients used to the method of production, boasts a refinement and dedication to producing only the best caliber products possible.

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Based out of the beautiful city of Sicily, Scalia is considered to be the foremost anchovy producer in all of Italy. Laying claim to the title in 1973, Scalia has continued to put quality at the forefront of everything they do, allowing them to remain the number one manufacturer of gourmet Mediterranean anchovies for over four decades! Caught along the Italian coastline, Scalia uses a dynamic and efficient method of processing right on the boat to retain maximum freshness in each of their catches. Inspected for quality, hand cleaned, salted, and packed immediately after harvest, these anchovies retain all their wonderful texture along with the briny fresh flavor of the sea. Try them for yourself today and taste the Scalia difference.

The perfect addition to sauces, dressings, and pasta, anchovies are an umami bomb. For an instant hit of savory flavor, simply throw in an anchovy or two to whatever you’re making and taste the immediate difference as your dish takes on complexity and nuance in a whole new way!


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